New Course Change Request Form For Students

Good afternoon, everyone.  We have added a course change request form to our school website.  There are also instructions on how to fill this form out and send it to your counsellor.  You can find these resources under our ‘Parent’ menu.  We hope this will help streamline our processes for students to request course changes, and reduce the need for in-person meetings with a school counsellor.  If you have questions, please contact our school office.

Keith Axelson


We have added a copy of our master schedule for the upcoming school year to our website.  If you go into the ‘Parent’ menu, you will see a link to the master schedule.  This document will be useful to students who are contemplating course changes for the upcoming school year.

Due to a move to quartered courses, that will run for 9 – 10 weeks, students wanting course changes for Quarter 1 will be asked to complete their requests prior to Thursday, September 10th to ensure that they do not miss instructional time, as things will move faster in their courses. Wherever possible, we are asking students to contact counsellors via email or phone to discuss course changes to reduce in-person contacts.  You can contact your counsellor by email or phone as indicated below.

Rachel Mulder  (students with last names beginning with A – K)       (250) 635-6531  extension 8056

Patsy Chant  (students with last names beginning with L – Z)      (250) 635-6531  extension 8057