Late Arrivals to School

December 4, 2014

Dear parent(s) /guardian(s),

RE. Late arrivals to school

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention our growing concern about the number of students who are arriving to school and signing in late.

We are experiencing a significant increase in the number of students who are arriving late to school in the morning and after lunch. Late arrivals are an inconvenience for the office staff and very disruptive to our teachers and our classrooms. We value punctuality and believe that if we are to build a respectful and orderly learning environment that promotes academic achievement and skills for success in life, then we need to address the problem.

We understand that there are occasionally situations and emergencies that arise with students and their families. Our bigger concern is with those students who are able to arrive on time but are choosing to sleep in or go for a coffee instead of making an effort to get to school on time for class.

We feel that unexcused late arrivals are most often unnecessary, unacceptable and that we need to start holding our students more accountable for their tardiness and time missed.  Reminding students about expectations with regards to punctuality has made very little difference for the majority of students who are chronically late. Should you receive a call from the school concerning your child being late, we ask you to support the school  by speaking to your child and emphasizing the need for punctual attendance. The school requests that you as parents, take all measures possible, to ensure your child arrives to school on time, so that together, we can prepare our young people for the world of work

If strong reminders from school and home continue to prove ineffective, we will begin to meet with families to discuss how we will work together to address the problem. A natural consequence of missing time that is unexcused will be to make up that time afterschool or at lunch-time.

Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.


Yours truly,


Mr. K. Axelson        Ms. J. Arbuckle        Mr. T. Hollett