Graduation Assessment Information and Semester End

Happy new year!  I hope each of you had an enjoyable holiday season.  We are now on the final stretch of the first semester.  The last day of classes for the semester will be on Thursday, January 23rd.  Friday, January 24th is a semester turn-around day.  Students will not be in attendance on this day, as it will be used by teachers for preparing report cards and getting ready for new classes, which will begin on Monday, January 27th.

Graduation Numeracy and Literacy Assessments:

Students in grade 10 this year will write two mandatory assessments, numeracy and literacy.  Students registered in a math 10 and/or English 10 course this semester will write these assessments the week of January 20th – 23rd during the block that they have these courses.  This will avoid unnecessary disruption to other classes during this week.  Students and teachers of those courses have been given a schedule for when they will write these assessments.  Students in grade 10 who have English 10 and/or a math 10 in the second semester will write these assessments in April following the same format.

Students in grade 11 or 12 this year do not need to write the literacy 10 exam, as they have been exempted by the Ministry of Education.  Current grade 11 students will write the new Literacy 12 assessment in the 2020-21 school year.  More information on that graduation assessment will be shared with parents and students in the fall.

You can find more information on the new graduation assessments under the ‘Grad’ menu, by clicking on the ‘Graduation Assessments’ tab.  If you have any questions about graduation assessments, or semester-end procedures, please contact the school office.

Keith Axelson, Principal