Grad Transitions

Grad Transitions
Grad Transitions (GT) is a mandatory Ministry of Education course required for graduation. New for this grad year, Caledonia Secondary students are completing it through an online course via North Coast Distance Education. GT 12 is supported by Ms. Kaiser (teacher). Mr. Axelson (Principal) and Ms. Arbuckle (Vice Principal) assist Ms. Kaiser with the Exit Interview of our graduating students when they have completed all assignments.
All assignments MUST BE COMPLETED BY May 15, 2016.
Grade 12 students MUST register for the online portion of the course in their graduation year.
Grade 10 and Grade 11 for the 2015/2016 school year may want to work ahead but need to know the system of submission has changed, and that the 15 assignments for a COMPLETE GT 12 may be changing as well. Past practice had Grade 11 and 12 students working on the first 10 of 15 assignments during their grade 10 and 11 years. This practice is likely to change for the 2017 and 2018 grads. It is important to note that grade 10 and 11 students must now email their assignments to Ms. Kaiser. Hard copy assignments will no longer be handed out or be accepted.
Instructions about how to get assignments via email to Grade 10 & 11 students can be picked up from Ms. Kaiser.
Ms. Kaiser can be reached at the school in Room 5 during blocks 1 & 2 for the first semester and block 4 during the second semester. Or by contacting her at the following:
(250) 635 – 6531 or via email at: