February 26, 2020 is Pink Shirt Day!


A friendly reminder that February 26 is Pink Shirt Day!  The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is “Lift each other up” … a simple, but powerful message encouraging everyone to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make each and every one unique.  When we lift each other up, we see past the things that separate us and see instead the things that unite us as people.

While bullying affects so many people physically, emotionally and mentally, we know there are many students, parents, schools and community members that want to know what they can do to help.  Every contribution, whether it’s joining in wearing pink on February 26 to show you are taking a stand, or making an effort to practice kindness and acceptance, or even giving a donation or fundraising for programs that make a difference, can change a life.

Bullying could be happening to someone you know and care about – join in taking a stand against bullying, and letting your peers know that it is not okay.  Show kindness, empathy, and compassion, and speak out!

Take your kindness to new heights on this Pink Shirt Day, and every day, let’s “Lift each other up!!